Lecture videos

What is Life lectures feature international lecturers on a variety of topics centering around biology. Here are the videos from previous lectures.

Stuart KauffmanOrigin of Life. The Third TransitionMay 30th 2023

Part 1

Part 2

Lee Hood “Systems biology, P4 medicine and the million person human phenome initiative: a second genome-like project May 26th 2023

Stuart KauffmanWhat is life? Is the emergence of life an unexpected phase transition in the evolution of the universe?July 18 2022

Sui Huang “What is life? Complex Dynamical Systems applied to Biology May 10th 2022

Lee HoodWhat is life? 21st Century MedicineMay 12th 2022

Douglas Hannahan “What is life? The hallmarks of cancer” March 23rd 2022

Yulia Kovas “What is Life? Oedipus Rex in the Genomic Era” February 4th 2022

Stuart Kauffman “What is Life – the future of biology” April 28th 2021

Lee Hood “A vision for 21st century medicial: enabled by the million person project (MPP) and Covid 19 observational study31st March 2021

Peter Csermely “Learning and decision making of complex networks” 17th March 2021

Mathias Uhlén “What is life – exploring the human building-blocks of life” February 10th 2021

Albert-László Barabási “Network medicine: from cellular networks to drug repurposing for Covid-19” December 3rd 2020

Emelie Voest “Learning Healthcare systems can drive scientific and medical progress” 27 November 2020

Anders Nilsson “Water and Life” 11 November 2020

Robert A Weinberg “Malignant progression of carcenomas” 2nd November 2020